[Wine] How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

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Op zaterdag 26 juli 2008 schreef mikolajz aan wine-users at winehq.org:

 mi> Wine provides its own capi2032,

I noticed that later: there exists a /usr/lib/wine/capi2032.dll.so

 mi> however it gets built only when a Linux libcapi20 is installed
 mi> and the header linux/capi.h is present. At the end of ./configure
 mi> (the first step when building Wine from sources) you will get a
 mi> messages "libcapi20 not found,ISDN won't be supported" if these
 mi> tests fail. You could check if you have capi support properly set
 mi> up.

Just to make certain I double checked this, and .configure really
is not complaining about a missing libcapi after the help I got
earlier from members of this list. The only missing librarie is
libgphoto2, but I couldn't care less about that.

 mi> As it was said, you could also try to use this capi2032.dll.
 mi> Copy it to Wine system32 folder and set "capi2032.dll" to
 mi> "native" in winecfg Library tab. However, as I understand, this
 mi> is a hardware access library, so this may not work.

Whatever the reason, it still doesn't work :(
I guess I'll see what I van do with the live Windows CD I've got.
Although that involves setting up the network on that, and I really
am a Windows nitwit...



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