[Wine] How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

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On Sunday July 27 2008, qwertymn wrote to wine-users at winehq.org:

 qw> That message "CAPI 2.0 not installed" is printed from the app
 qw> itsself right?

I suppose so :)

 qw>  It would be interesting to see what the calls are
 qw> just before  that message appears.

I'm willing to do anything that may help :) I need to run this
application for the support department of the factory of my
ADSL modem and they assume everybody is running Windows :(

 qw>  You could run the app like
 qw> WINEDEBUG=+relay,+seh,+tid wine appname.exe &>/tmp/log.txt
 qw> and then put the file /tmp/log.txt (bzipped2) up somewhere.

Done. It is [or should be :)] available as

 qw> then we'd could have a look what happens just before the error
 qw> message appears`

I'm really curious to hear what will be the result of this.
Even if I'm doing something extremely stupid :) This is the
first time I use wine and have always tried to avoid Windows.



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