[Wine] Re: How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

qwertymn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 27 07:28:14 CDT 2008

Though i'm not familiar with capi at all, your log looks pretty easy to understand:

0009:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7ef5b280,module=0x7ef50000 L"capi2032.dll",reason=PROCESS_ATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
0009:Ret  KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA() retval=7ef50000 ret=0040be3d
0009:Call KERNEL32.GetProcAddress(7ef50000,0041cc10 "CAPI_REGISTER") ret=0040be6b
and more and more of these

0009:Call KERNEL32.GetProcAddress(7ef50000,0041ccc8 "CAPI_INSTALLED") ret=0040bf37
0009:Ret  KERNEL32.GetProcAddress() retval=7ef5a8ac ret=0040bf37

0009:Call capi2032.CAPI_INSTALLED() ret=0040d2c9
0009:Ret  capi2032.CAPI_INSTALLED() retval=00001009 ret=0040d2c9

0009:Call KERNEL32.FreeLibrary(7ef50000) ret=0040bf6f
0009:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7ef5b280,module=0x7ef50000 L"capi2032.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=(nil))
0009:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7ef5b280,module=0x7ef50000 L"capi2032.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
0009:Ret  KERNEL32.FreeLibrary() retval=00000001 ret=0040bf6f

CAPI 2.0 not installed

So apparently it's not happy with the value CAPI_INSTALLED returned here: retval=00001009

I had a quick look at the source, and if you hadn't installed capi, it would return 0x1109, you have 0x1009,  so it is installed apparently.

I did some google, but i couldn't find really anything what the return value should be for capi2.0, there was one site that mentioned 0 , but i find that strange. I hacked together a quick program that returns the value from CAPI_INSTALLED, and on my computer i too get 0x1009. Maybe someone knows what the app is expecting here? 

(if you're familiar with hacking wine's source you could try hack the file capiwxxx.c to return another value and see if that changes anything)

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