[Wine] Re: How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

mikolajz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 28 04:36:05 CDT 2008

It looks like there is something wrong with your Linux capi configuration. Wine capi is only repeating the error code it received from the Linux capi. As can be found at http://www.gsd.inesc-id.pt/~jnos/ec-rdbl/download/capi20-1.pdf on page 90, this error code means that capi is not installed. Maybe you are missing some drivers, or you need to declare somewhere that you have a modem at a specific port (AFAIR, COM ports are not plug'n'play)?

You could try to start with finding a Linux capi program and some tutorials on how to run it. When you will have the Linux part running, try to if it will work with Wine.

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