[Wine] Wine Problems

bryane wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 28 13:35:40 CDT 2008

Currently when I type in example 

> wine iexplore http://google.com

I get the error

> wine: failed to  initialized: /usr/local/lib/wine/ntdll.dll.so: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

I dont recall how I installed wine previously but I know it had so many errors before

recently I typed in last time

> yum install wine

and it said it installed... If I uninstall it though yum and type in wine it still exists so I don't know how to completely UNINSTALL wine so i can REINSTALL wine to see if that will fix the error.

I AM missing that wine directory in the usr local lib and DO NOT know how to get it because wine seems to NOT reinstall properly or uninstall... If I try to use the Source to install wine I also get error what is the deal?

Where should I start first? I think I should uninstall completely but do not know how :( Looks like there is a lot of flaws[/quote]

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