[Wine] Window Scrolling on OSX

Michael Reich reich.mikey at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 21:30:33 CDT 2008

I think this has been noted in previous posts by others, but I'm 
noticing it with post-version 1 builds of Darwine for OSX and I'm 
wondering if there's any way to fix it.

The behavior is hard to describe but here goes: when using either 
Irfanview or Forte Agent, mouse activity in the Windows app causes the 
window to move downward on the desktop.  Each click, the windows jumps 
lower.  In Agent, clicking on a different newsgroup causes this 
behavior, which can move the Agent window all the way down the screen 
(and off the bottom).  When using Irfanview, the same behavior occurs 
when in the Thumbnail viewer and attempting to select a folder.  I do 
not see this happening with version Darwine 0.9.53, but I have 
encountered it with Darwine 1 RC4 and Darwine 1.1.1.  It makes both 
Agent and Irfanview pretty much unusable, so I've retreated to 0.9.53.  
My version of X11 is 1.1.3, if that helps.

I am running OSX Tiger (10.4.11) on a MacBook.  Does anyone know what's 
causing this, or even better, how to make it stop?

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