[Wine] Re: why I cannot use winedbg --gdb

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 29 22:07:15 CDT 2008

cikka wrote:
> whan can result to gdb proxy broken, How can I solve it.

Start hacking Wine. You can't magically fix it.

cikka wrote:
> and when I use winedbg to debug, I cannot print the vaule of the local variable some times.  why?

Should work. If if doesn't - file a bug report with exact steps to reproduce.

Your best bet would be to start Wine process suspended (or add a long long sleep somewhere at the start). Then attach to it with gdb.
You can also directly run Wine under gdb. You just have to start wine-pthread not wine. See developer's doc for more options and other details.

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