[Wine] How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

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On Sunday July 27 2008, qwertymn wrote to wine-users at winehq.org:

 qw> hmm, also on another site
 qw> (

I already replied to this message, but I never saw my
message appear in the list. So I'll include the text
here, my apologies if you saw it before.

=== import ===

 qw> hmm, also on another site
 qw> (
 qw> -id.pt/~jnos/ec-rdbl/download/capi20-2.pdf+capi_installed+return
 qw> +value&hl=nl&ct=clnk&cd=3&gl=nl)
 qw> it says that CAPI_INSTALLED() should return 0x0000 if capi20 is
 qw> installed. Maybe it's a bug in wine then.  Maybe you could try
 qw> if the patch below (a hack) makes the app happy.

Well... Not entirely happy... It's not complaining about an
uninstalled capi anymore:
jbeekhui at duinheks:~/test$ cd ~/test ; wine dtrace32.exe -s -m -d2 -d3 -c2 -c3
-nt3 -c4 -c5
DTRACE32.EXE 2.08 (C) AVM Berlin                         27 Jul 2008 - 
CAPI Version: 0.102        Manufacturer version: 24.83
Manufacturer:    Serial Number:
Number of installed controllers: 26112
Traced Controller: c2  c3(nt)  c4  c5
TEECK:   T  = Typ ('K'opf, 'H'ex, 'D'ekodierung, 'L'eerzeile)
         EE = Ebene (D1, D2, D3, B2, B3, X2 = X31)
         C  = Controller
         K  = Kanal
DTRACE.EXE does only work with AVM ISDN-controllers !!

But the remark that it only works with AVM ISDN_ontrollers is a
bit spurious. In the first place, I don't have an ISDN-controller.
The thing I'm trying to run the dtrace on is an ADSL-modem. And
it *is* made by AVM. Also the dtrace application is made by AVM.
I got it from them directly, so there are no funny things there.
Maybe I should try to force wine to use the AVM supplied
capi2032.dll, if it did not do that already. But is is getting
too warm now for that kind of hard thinking, I'll leave it for
another day :)
So far thanks for your help. It shows that the problem lies
mainly with wine and that I'm not a complete moron :)

PS: 26112 installed controlers also doesn't seem quite right.
=== tropmi ===

I've tried some more things:
Removed both capi2032.dll: complaints about "unable to
load DLL" - quite fair, I think.
Used only the AVM patched version: "CAPI 2.0 not installed".
Used only wine version: output as above.

My conclusion: something is wrong with those DLLs, probably
they are returning he wrong value. I don't speak any C, so
there's nothing I can do about that myself.

In the meantime I acquired a Live Windows CD. It was rather
a pain near the back, but I managed to make a couple of
dtrace runs. Now I hope that AVM support can do something
with them...



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