[Wine] launch linux script from windows application

cmarin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 30 10:44:04 CDT 2008


We have developed a client-server application to develop and run an ERP application. The server app runs in Linux and the client app it has been developed in windows  with c++, using win32 API. Now I'm trying to run it in Linux with Wine. It works fine except when i have to run some java code, in order to do that i wrote a bash script that works ok when I launch it through the command line, but when I launch it inside my windows app doesn't work.

In order to launch it from my windows application I use the _spawnlp function. The return status is -1.

There is the code:


char str_aux[MAX_PATH+1];
int result = _spawnlp(_P_NOWAIT, "/home/dims/strjava","/home/dims/strjava", str_aux, NULL );

In str_aux I send the parameters that the linux script needs.
The script strjava is 'chmod a+x'.
In order to find out if the script is launched, the first thing  that it does is echo the parameters to a file. It does nothing.

Somebody can give a little light to me on the subject?


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