[Wine] license server platform authentication

Pieter Cristiaan de Groot p.c.degroot at tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 31 06:41:32 CDT 2008

Frist of all, thanks for the response.

The license server is not running locally, it is a 'real' license server 
in the sense that it is running on some central machine in the 
university. As a license file I have to fill in '<portnr>@<IPaddress>'.

The error I get is:

This platform not autherized by license.
Platforms: i86_r <> i86_n
FLEXnet licensing error: -89,310

the '-89' code is the error code for platform mismatch.
i86_n means "Windows on IA-32 systems"
i86_r means "Linux on IA-32 systems"

only the i86_n is mentioned in the license file that is running on that 
central server.

When I contacted the company about this they replied that it did not 
work because 'the license does not cover linux clients', confirming my 

But since I am running it through WINE I figured I should be treated as 
a Windows machine.

Does this description ring a bell for anybody?

Timeout wrote:
> There is not much to answer to this.
> Wine is created in such a way that the windows applications under wine "believes" it's running under a genuine windows. 
> I don't think that's the main reason of the problem. The flexlm license server is being installed under Wine as a windows application and the license is a windows.
> However, it's not currently working very well at the moment, there are some bugs, in particular when I had it working, the server itself was crashing just after the authentication.
> Also, you have to run everything under Wine or everything under Linux or one application may not be aware of the existing of the other application.
> Last but not least, if you open the .lic file in a text editor, you will see that there is nothing in it that's windows specific. There must however be an unlimited contact between the application calling the license server and the license server checking the license.

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