[Wine] Steam games crash during gameplay

kynan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 31 20:24:41 CDT 2008

Hey everyone!

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 w/ ALSA and the Ubuntu-packaged ATI Catalyst driver for my ATI X1700.

My problem is that I'll be playing CounterStrike or Half-Life or BrainBread for maybe 2 minutes if I'm lucky, and then suddenly my computer locks up. I get to hear the same 1-second slice of in-game sound over and over again and the screen stays frozen. In CS:CZ, it seems that sometimes the game will lock up my computer as soon as I finish joining a server, or a few seconds afterward.

Another fun thing to note - if I happen to be watching a video while playing the game and the game doesn't have control of my mouse - when my computer locks up, I can still move my mouse cursor around and hear the video, but the screen is still frozen (except for mouse cursor) and I get to hear that slice of in-game sound repeated over and over.

When it's locked up, Ctrl+Alt+Bksp does not work, and the only way to escape the situation is a hard shutdown by holding the power button down.

One more thing, with CS:CZ, I usually get to play for a couple minutes on my own server, whereas I might get one or two seconds on an internet server before my computer locks up.

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