[Wine] wrong opengl window position

borpas wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 1 00:01:34 CDT 2008

i need to run a specific VLC-win32-based application in Wine, it has the same problem as VLC-win32 it self

the only usable output plugin for VLC-win32 in wine is OpenGL (direct3d doesn't work, directx makes whole screen blinking and eats much CPU) it produces best performance, but it looks like this

wine 0.9.58

[Image: http://www.adslclub.ru/upload/data/2008-01-06_11-57-36_55794.png ]

windows are moving together

in wine 1.0-rc2 and rc3 it looks like this

[Image: http://www.adslclub.ru/upload/data/2008-01-06_11-58-52_30184.png ]

so video output window in invisible, but CPU usage is the same, so it is working somewhere

please help!

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