[Wine] Joystick Axis not working

Spoony wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 1 02:18:26 CDT 2008

My Joystick, a Logitech Extreme 3D, works natively in Linux.  It's mapped to /dev/input/js0  

All the buttons on the joystick work in wine, but the Joystick's Axis', HAT switch and throttle do not work in wine.  Specifically, I'm trying to play Xwing Alliance.  I'm running Gentoo Linux, kernel, wine 1.0 rc3

Any help getting my joystick's axis', hat switch, and throttle working would be great.  I've only just started using wine...and I don't know a lot about this crazy windows registry thing.  So please, be patient with me and my wine newbie-ness

My DirectInput regkey looks like this:
"Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D" "X,Y,Rz,Throttle,Hat0X,Hat0Y"

The (seemingly useful parts of) WINEDEBUG gives me the following info:


trace:dinput:joydev_enum_deviceA Enumerating the linux Joystick

device: /dev/input/js0 (Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D)

trace:dinput:setup_dinput_options "Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D" = "X,Y,Rz,Throttle,Hat0X,Hat0Y"

err:dinput:setup_dinput_options invalid joystick axis type: "Throttle"
err:dinput:setup_dinput_options invalid joystick axis type: "Hat0X"
err:dinput:setup_dinput_options invalid joystick axis type: "Hat0Y"

trace:dinput:IDirectInputAImpl_AddRef (0x1359c8) incrementing from 1
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT Dumping DIDATAFORMAT structure:
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - dwSize: 24
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - dwObjsize: 16
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - dwFlags: 0x00000001 (DIDF_ABSAXIS)
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - dwDataSize: 272
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - dwNumObjs: 15
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - Object 0:
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * GUID: {a36d02e0-c9f3-11cf-bfc7-444553540000} ('GUID_XAxis')
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwOfs: 0
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwType: 0x00000002
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT         Type: DIDFT_ABSAXIS / Instance:   0
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwFlags: 0x00000000
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - Object 1:
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * GUID: {a36d02e1-c9f3-11cf-bfc7-444553540000} ('GUID_YAxis')
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwOfs: 4
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwType: 0x00000102
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT         Type: DIDFT_ABSAXIS / Instance:   1
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwFlags: 0x00000000
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT   - Object 2:
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * GUID: {a36d02e3-c9f3-11cf-bfc7-444553540000} ('GUID_RzAxis')
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwOfs: 20
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT       * dwType: 0x00000502
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDATAFORMAT         Type: DIDFT_ABSAXIS / Instance:   5

trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[0] = 0
trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[1] = 1
trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[2] = 5
trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[3] = -1
trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[4] = -1
trace:dinput:alloc_device axis_map[5] = -1
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDEVCAPS dwAxes: 3
trace:dinput:_dump_DIDEVCAPS dwPOVs: 0


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