[Wine] unable to run wine

Trevorofmolino wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 1 09:02:02 CDT 2008

Installed and configured wine. When I try to run wine in hoome or in usr/local/bin I get 
bash: wine: command not found
I put a cd into the cdrom and tried to run the setup.exe this is what I got
[trevor at trevor bin]$ wine d:\mnt\cdrom\setup.exe
bash: wine: command not found
I checked the directory of usr/local/bin and this is whats in it
[trevor at trevor bin]$ ls
function_grep.pl  uninstaller     wineboot     winedbg    winemine          wmc
msiexec           widl            winebrowser  winedump   winepath          wrc
notepad           wine            winebuild    winefile   wineprefixcreate
progman           wine-kthread    winecfg      wineg++    wineserver
regedit           wine-preloader  wineconsole  winegcc    wineshelllink
regsvr32          wine-pthread    winecpp      winemaker  winhelp
according to the users guide going to the directory wine executable is located in should work. Anyone have any ideas to try?

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