[Wine] Wine & Acces to Com1 for Rig Control

Richard Jenkins richardvk1rj at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 20:45:41 CDT 2008

Wine & Access to Com1 Port for Rig Control

I am attempting to control an amateur radio transceiver using its own
program ... which works under windows98 and newer.  As I am a linux user I
want to avoid having a windows installation for just one program.

The details are as follwos:

rig:  Tentec Pegasus
computer: PC-type with 2+ GHz processor and 512 Meg of RAM

software:  Sidux (2008.1)  +  pegasus rig control software version 2.01

Wine --- installed from binaries in sidux/debian reps.  (ver 1.0-rc2)

This computer has only a single com port which is identified as com1 by linux.

The cable provided by Tentec allows signals both ways for control purposes.
I have tried easrlier versions of wine ... with extremely limited results.
Basically I could not get the combination to work at all.  It would keep
freezing ... and I would have to break into the computer (even a soft reboot)
to regain control.

My outcome this time is much better ... so thanks to all the wine developers
for their work.  It is paying off.  The program loads quickly, displays
appropriately ... and I am able to set all sorts of things just as if I was
using the same program in windows.  The display is exactly what I would be
seeing under windows.  So, I can set my callsign, GMT offset, etc ... and the
program will accept them and remember them for future use.  Everything at the
computer end seems to be as it should.

Hoiwever, and it's a big one ... the program cannot converse with the radio.
I have tried resetting the program to use com ports 1 through to 6 ... but on
each occasion after testing the link, the program states it cannot converse
with the radio ... and the behaviour of the led's on the face of the radio
cabinet reinforces this view.

Clearly, what I am missing is some direction to get my com1 port functioning
under wine.  I have had a look at various resources for this ... but without
success.  Can someone please direct me to the place where there is a simple
explanation of what to do to make this work.



Irena & Richard Jenkins

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