[Wine] Calling ex Corel people now working here.

dreamstogo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 2 04:11:09 CDT 2008


I am an InfoCentral fan. Infocentral was a product that was originally developed by Novell - I think - and when Corel bought the WordPerfect suite from them, it came into Corel's hands.

InfoCentral is a PIM and is totally flexible where each thing is treated as an object. Basically its a database that can handle objects and links between objects. It is entirely customisable to your needs. An object can be anything, a person, a company, a document, a project....

I have been using it under Windows for a long, long time, over 20 years and now I have it working under Linux using wine. I have it set up to use the Linux native applications such as OpenOffice. It works really well. I have never found anything to match its versatility. 

Corel stopped developing the product a long time ago. I think its was supplied up to version 6/7 of Wordperfect and then was replaced by CorelCentral which is nothing like InfoCentral.

InfoCentral is getting somewhat long in the tooth and there are certain things that could be improved, so I have been trying to track down the source code.

I tried contacting Corel to see if the source code still exists, but I'm afraid that the company has been through so many changes over the years that all trace is lost.

Now to my question, 

I'm wondering if any ex-Corel people working here know what happened to the InfoCentral source code. Does it still exist? Could it be obtained?

Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.

I know this question is somewhat off subject and I apologise for that but I am trying all avenues!

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