[Wine] Re: Running games installed in Windows

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 2 07:28:28 CDT 2008

jeffz wrote:
> WARNING: Do not try to configure Wine to point to your actual Windows C:\ drive. We have tried to make this hard to do, so you probably can't do it by accident.

Pointing wine to the C: drive is not at all what I recommended.  I suggested he could map a drive to the application directory.  Pointing the root c: path in Wine to your Windows C: drive *definitely* is a bad thing, because you can then hose your Windows OS.  That's not a possiblity, the way I outlined.

I've used Steam, CoH, EQ (w/Cedega), DreamWeaver, AO, and a few other programs this way and the worst problem I ever encountered was that a Wine or Cedega update would cause them to no longer work under Wine or Cedega (so I'd boot to Windows until I either backed out the update or a patch was available).  I've not had any problems with Wine corrupting the application, but nothing's impossible.

If you do have the drive space, I would agree with jeffz and oiaohm - you'll never have to worry about having to re-install the application in Windows due to corruption, if you do things the traditional way.

As for mounting your Windows partitions, you'll have to do some googling based on the partition type (FAT32 or NTFS probably) and your distro.  To define a drive letter in Wine, just use winecfg and point it to the path you used to automount the drive PLUS THE PATH TO THE APPLICATION DIRECTORY (I never had to actually worry about that part because I always installed my windows apps to a second partition anyway, to simplify backups - and kept my documents/data on a third partition).  Then just run the program with something like "wine f:\eq.exe"

Oh, one other problem you can see when doing this that might dissuade you:  If a patcher checks for free space, and you have enough free space in the path to the windows drive, but not enough free space in your home drive, Wine may erroneously complain that you don't have enough room.   I'm not sure the bug still exists, but if it does - oh well.

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