[Wine] Re: ¡Error registering! OCX rpcrt4.dll

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 2 13:23:47 CDT 2008

pomket wrote:
> I probe to install educational software called Tell Me More, I need this for study...
>  0 archives copied into hardisk
>  Setup's run, but in the final of the installation appear's 2 errors
>  1- Install failed 
>  2- ¡Error registering! OCX rcprt4dll"
>  please help me, I need this software for study
>  PD: Tell me more works with flash

Make sure you start with removing / renaming ~/.wine directory after playing with all those wine-* somethings.

Install wine_gecko by running 'wine iexplore http://winehq.org'.
Then download and install windows Firefox flash plugin. After installation you might need to copy plugin files into c:\windows\gecko\0.1\plugins

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