[Wine] things I miss in wine

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Tue Jun 3 09:11:05 CDT 2008

Hi there,

there are many issues in wine and you can work around most of them 
somehow but there are few that you can not bypass.

Copy Protection:

wine seems to support a few copy protection systems, but not all. No of 
course you could say that a nocd crack should be used to work around 
that issue, but what if there is none available? Many games are done for 
different countries in different versions. It is quite possible that a 
English crack won't work with a Spain, Greek, German,... version. Not to 
forget that such a crack is illegal in most countries already. What wold 
have to be done to get *all* copy protection system working? Starforce 
for example. Well or fool them enough to satisfy them would be good 
enough for me ;)

Multiprocessor abilities:

True, that is a recent development. But to say hat games won't use it or 
that there won't be windows software out there that can't use multiple 
processor sound a bit ignorant to me.. that's because I know that it is 
not true. At last for the games sector, there are a growing number of 
games that are able to use more than one CPU. All unreal3 based games 
for example will have multi CPU support. Are there plans for wine to 
change it to let it use more than just one CPU?


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