[Wine] Distribution for Cutting Edge Wine Testing

Zac Brown zac at zacbrown.org
Tue Jun 3 17:28:40 CDT 2008


I think I misunderstood your question. If you're worried about getting the 
latest snapshot/unstable release etc, then you're best bet is to play in git or 
building source releases as they're released.

IMHO, wine is a dish best served fresh. Improvements are made quickly in wine so 
  distro's aren't able to keep up. I suppose if you want your distro to worry 
bout these things SourceMage or Gentoo might be the freshest? Don't quote me on 
that though.

For what you're asking, you're better off just building releases as they come 
out by hand or just rebuilding a git checkout as you go.


Dmitryi & Elf wrote:
> Hello, what is the recommended distribution for the latest development 
> snapshot/unstable release/RC?
> Would Debian unstable (Lenny/Sid) do?

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