[Wine] Re: wine rc2 regression : Silver

Jos31 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 3 18:00:48 CDT 2008

After a couple of hours of intensive rebuilds, here's the result of the regression test :)


653c7e7dcaf7ebee2cfc8a6e356779dc8974aac6 is first bad commit
commit 653c7e7dcaf7ebee2cfc8a6e356779dc8974aac6
Author: David Adam <david.adam.cnrs at gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Apr 27 12:10:32 2008 +0200

    amstream: Fix the condition of existence of the IMediaStream interface.

:040000 040000 93801c98208e6fd29aff759a12bbee6b02241de9 339a6b671e82ef9c29cb5627b7b2d24ef26f8df1 M	dlls

I've done my test with wine-0.9.59 as start, and wine-1.0rc1 as end

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