[Wine] things I miss in wine

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Tue Jun 3 16:58:59 CDT 2008

vitamin schrieb:
> Jochen wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> there are many issues in wine and you can work around most of them
>>  somehow but there are few that you can not bypass.
>> Copy Protection:
>> wine seems to support a few copy protection systems, but not all.
>> No of course you could say that a nocd crack should be used to work
>> around that issue, but what if there is none available? Many games
>> are done for different countries in different versions. It is quite
>> possible that a English crack won't work with a Spain, Greek,
>> German,... version. Not to forget that such a crack is illegal in
>> most countries already. What wold have to be done to get *all* copy
>> protection system working? Starforce for example. Well or fool them
>> enough to satisfy them would be good enough for me ;)
> To rename Wine into Windows XP and install later. Seriously  - this is
> impossible. 

installing a normal windows is not an option of course ;) I would do it 
in a virtula computer like virtualbox of vmware, but there I have the 
graphics problem... and probably the multicore problem as well!

> Some copy protection systems check for bytecode entry of
> lots of functions. That means that Wine's code have to look _exactly_
> the same as windows and be compiled with _exactly_ the same tool
> chain. Neither of this is possible.

and it is not possible to fool them? Like for example in case of 
starforce to install our own starforce driver? I don't really have an 
idea about how this is working of course. But I see of course that gcc 
and visual c are not producing the same code.

> Oh and btw most of those copy-protection thingies don't work on vista
> as-is. Especially the older ones.

currently I don' care much about vista... I used win2k before a long 
time. I always tried to prevent a migration to XP and since vista I 
replaced my normal windows box.

> For more information - google around for why one copy protection or
> the other doesn't work on Wine.

you mean like 
well, most pages are not explaining very much, just saying that or this 
game won't do because of copy protection

So what do I do if I have a game I want to get running on wine and it 
uses an evil copy protection system?  Trying to crack it by myself if 
there is no such thing in the net? Or would there be some theoretical 
way for wine that allows me to not to have to crack all these games?

bye Jochen

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