[Wine] Re: things I miss in wine

Usurp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 4 03:31:37 CDT 2008

[quote="oiaohm"]Lets be a little clear here.

We cannot do a fake starforce driver since that gets on the wrong side of DCMA.  Its intentionally setting out to disable copy protection.

Now providing fake wrappers answering all the questions the starforce driver asks is permitted under compatibility grounds.  This does not mean that the copy protection is working perfectly any more.  Like it may no longer detect that you have a Linux based cheat since it is most likely not seeing the Linux side.  This falls into the compatibility section of DCMA and is legal.

Applying cracks to the program as a temporary measure while working on getting the normal interface working is also still permitted.

Nothing says that the copy protection still has to be working right.  Just hmm, couldnt you make people with illegal copies be able to run them ?

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