[Wine] USB

Ian Sinclair Ian_Sinclair at talktalk.net
Wed Jun 4 09:35:15 CDT 2008

I have been migrating from WinXP to Ubuntu Linux, and all but one of my
essential applications can be accommodated. The exception in the PC Sync
software for my mobile phone, which I need to download photos to the
computer. The setup disc runs under WINE, but the sync screen does not work,
presumably because USB drivers cannot be set up (the phone memory is not
accessible from Windows Explorer, so it probably doesn’t use the normal USB
The other gripe is that recently, installing WINE does not produce any entry
in the applications list, and now it doesn’t even have a .wine entry in the
filing system.
Look as if I might have to have an old Windows boot disc (probably Me) just
to use this one piece of software.
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