[Wine] Re: Heroes of Might and Magic 5 crash

decoo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 4 13:29:13 CDT 2008

All I saw was the splash screen...
Thats backtrace from console:
=>1 0x7c0db5d0 (0x0032eff0)
2 0x7e40c76c ActivateContext+0x4fc() in wined3d (0x0032f070)
3 0x7e44129b drawPrimitive+0x17b() in wined3d (0x0032f380)
4 0x7e418feb in wined3d (+0x28feb) (0x0032f3f0)
5 0x7e4f2c5e in d3d9 (+0x12c5e) (0x0032f420)
6 0x007de72b in h5_game123 (+0x3de72b) (0x000027d9)
7 0x00000000 (0x00000000)

(wine installed from *.deb pack..)
And second try:
- compiled wine from source (for 32-bit using 32 bit libra...)
and now i get more information, but still I just don't know what its mean...:
=>1 0x7c0da120 (0x018eebc0)
2 0x7e6df7fc ActivateContext+0x4fc(This=0x14f740, target=0x2cde6e8, usage=0x2) [/home/decmik/Programy/wine-git/dlls/wined3d/context.c:1091] in wined3d (0x018eec40)
3 0x7e71434b drawPrimitive+0x17b(iface=0x14f740, PrimitiveType=0x4, NumPrimitives=0x2, StartVertexIndex=0x0, numberOfVertices=0x200, StartIdx=0x0, idxSize=0x4, idxData=0x2da00c0, minIndex=0x0) [/home/decmik/Programy/wine-git/dlls/wined3d/drawprim.c:1046] in wined3d (0x018eef50)
4 0x7e6ec07b IWineD3DDeviceImpl_DrawIndexedPrimitive+0xeb(iface=0x14f740, PrimitiveType=0x4, minIndex=0x0, NumVertices=0x200, startIndex=0x0, primCount=0x2) [/home/decmik/Programy/wine-git/dlls/wined3d/device.c:5239] in wined3d (0x018eefc0)
5 0x7e7c6c6e IDirect3DDevice9Impl_DrawIndexedPrimitive+0xae(iface=, PrimitiveType=0x4, BaseVertexIndex=0x0, MinVertexIndex=0x0, NumVertices=0x200, startIndex=0x0, primCount=0x2) [/home/decmik/Programy/wine-git/dlls/d3d9/device.c:1204] in d3d9 (0x018eeff0)
sock_set_error: Success
fixme:winmm:MMDRV_Exit Closing while ll-driver open

I have no idea whats its mean...

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