[Wine] performance drop in WoW on rc3

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 18:46:07 CDT 2008

I have 2 Computers with identical hardware running  FreeBSD 7-STABLE,  I
play World of Warcraft quite a bit.

my FPS is  at best 120fps (this is out away from a city and  your view is
mostly toward the ground or sky
playing I would say that the fps stays mostly above 50fps servral times
spiking to 90+ fps depending on viewpoints etc.

when I am in a city and there are lots of people I will see 25-40fps, I will
say that it is rare if ever that fps falls below 25.

In my experience we are getting about 70 -75% of the performance compare to
native windows xp. but even that isn't apples and oranges
because in FreeBSD we use Nvidia Drivers that are not tweaked near as good
as windows, also you have the issue of the xserver not using multi cpu's the
way it could/should. and we also have the issue of OpenGL(FreeBSD) vs
Directx(Windows XP)

I am not seeing a performance drop in wine rc3 vs rc2 I have both installed
on FreeBSD (remember the hardware is exactly the same)

the rc3 computer gets a solid 10-15fps better performance that the rc2
computer across the board.

here are the difference in the software

the rc3 computer is using the new Nvidia 173.x driver (not in FreeBSD ports)
the rc3 computer is running in a separate x server
and after I start wow.exe I use nice -15

while the rc2 computer has

the 169.x Nvidia Driver (From FreeBSD ports)
does not start in a separate x server
it just starts wow I do not use nice -15

if someone wants a dmesg from my computer I would be happy to provide one,
(I am on my laptop right now so I can't include it)

All in all I am very satisfied with WoW on wine in FreeBSD

Sam Fourman Jr.
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