[Wine] Re: curios problem: No Sound in Warcraft 3, but in autoplay.exe

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 5 11:22:12 CDT 2008

kev wrote:
> Hi,
> after Warcraft 3 is now working without jerking on my Laptop* (need to add "-opengl" as argument), I want to solve a curios sound problem. When I insert my Warcraft 3 CD and click on autoplay.exe, there is the typical Warcraft 3 intro-sound for the installer, but in the game itself, there isn't any kind of sound. Also when I open winecfg and press the sound-test button, the sound is working.
> Thanks for every hint!
> Kev
> * Ubuntu 8.04, Intel 945GM graphic, pulse audio?, alsa driver, wine-1.0-rc3

Kill/remove/disable pulseaudio. It's not compatible with Wine.

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