[Wine] start wine with a script to debug farcry

nutpantz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 5 18:02:06 CDT 2008

n order to run farcry and not have the scroll wheel on the mouse cause a crash i have to ....

cd FarCry/Bin32
winedbg FarCry.exe
Wine-dbg>b *0x37001342

how do i do this from a script so that i dont have to type it in every time?

also the mouse works fine in the menus but does not work in the game itself unless i go to options>>>controls>>>>set defaut each and every time i play the game.. is there a way around this?
thanks for the help..
this is my first game under wine.
ubuntu 8.04
wine 1.0rc3

(and yes i have been to the winedb site which is where i found the workarounds)
and i have tried variations of

cd /opt/win/farcry/Bin32
winedbg FarCry.exe
b *0x37001342

and echo and stuff like that but im clueless with scripts

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