[Wine] Regression test starting point

Col wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 6 15:25:57 CDT 2008

I am wanting to perform a regression test on an application but am not certain of the starting point I want to test. Test results for 0.9.53 indicated simply that it worked OK, without details of all aspects of the application, some of which are being reported as broken now. So, I want to confirm that it really did work OK then, as when I test with 0.9.60 through to 1.0rc3 it fails on some features of the application. If I knew that it was not working on 0.9.53, then I would use that in a regression test.
However, I am using Hardy, and the packages archive only goes back to 0.9.60.
If I perform the regression test anyway, I figure I may get invalid results as I do not have it confirmed that it was working then. Or is it that when I do the regression test it will tell me that I never did work properly?

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