[Wine] scrollbar does not stop/function correctly

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sat Jun 7 23:46:12 CDT 2008

gat wrote:
> I do still have a problem with this on 1.0rc3 from kronenbergs website. The problem is not when I click the scroll bar and drag it, but when I use the mousepad on the MacBook. This is the better macbook. The specs I think are still the same since I bought it less than a year ago. 
I have the same problem and it is Mac related.  I will advise Mike of 
the problem.
> notepad-plus.sourceforge.net
> the file had 912 lines
> i have forgotten the only website I used to temporarily post text so I cannot give you the actual file, but I do not think it is the size. I think that since the file was longer that the problem was more easily seen. The problem only occurs when I use the two finger scroll on my mac. It just goes down the file for quite a long time before it stops from a little jerk of input. The native applications for text work fine though. I am fairly certain that the problem must be for macs only. Once again the only time I get this problem is when I use the two finger scroll.
The problem may be related to the mouse scroll driver on the Mac and not 
with Wine.  I have problems getting the scroll function to work properly 
on Mac specific applications, such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

James McKenzie

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