[Wine] Re: Band in a Box 2008 with Ubuntu through wine?

Bear wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 8 09:33:24 CDT 2008

Ok, managed with some help to fix this:- The problem I am presently having (doubtless there will be more!) is the actual "Wine window" Band in a box appears in. It is too small! I am not getting the option to "Maximize" the window (it is greyed out) and the resize button seems to create countless copies of the window. (The solution was to use Alt and move the screen around with the mouse. 

One thing leads to another and eventullly I managed to get Band in a box up and running using the Timidity drivers. Since then however, they have stopped working and in spite of re-installs keep not working. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? On one screen which came up Midi Buffer was mentioned but I can find no screen to access this perameter.



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