[Wine] Re: Heroes of Might and Magic 5 crash

gedgeck wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 8 13:47:22 CDT 2008

Hi to all.
I do test again. Now I download almost all versions of wine and find out that bug appear between 0.9.51 and 0.9.52. So I reset wine-git and set "bad" to 0.9.52 and "good" to .51. Result is different one but also last (it means that no commits stay to test). Here it is:


[ged at ged ~/wine_git/wine-git]$ git bisect bad
964a0303c129d59ea227fcce68f647d2e76ddc56 is first bad commit
commit 964a0303c129d59ea227fcce68f647d2e76ddc56
Author: Marcus Meissner <marcus at jet.franken.de>
Date:   Fri Dec 14 15:20:04 2007 +0100

    msi: Fixed buffer overflow in number parsing.

:040000 040000 d6d38f65c20a2d7bbf4dd6c819f5f39ed839d8f2 c6db2b0caaf3cb98f1a83c30f32e1e1c81b075a6 M    dlls

If it is wrong too, than I'm wait following instructions and want do suggestion: may be this bug can't located by git and depend on my local machine\OS\programs features or so...
In any case, thanks for attention and patience (and of course for your work).

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