[Wine] Re: developing unix application with wine under macosx

gat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 9 16:28:00 CDT 2008

Once Wine has reached its 1.0 stage to show all that it has achieved the team might want to make an automation of Winelib porting applications to native x11 calls. I personally would like to see this option. Possibly it could be offered after the first successful time that the application is opened, or after every time Wine opens each application, or in the menu-bar, another great option is the way that Darwine tried to have that in a native way not only to x11 but to the individual operating systems as well. I would imagine (from my perspective as only a user) that since this library must be used to convert the individual applications already that making the whole conversion process must not be too much of a difficulty.

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