[Wine] Re: Can Wine run on anything other than x86 ?

Phobos wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 10 11:41:04 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> Yes Wine _CAN_ run on number of other architectures. However it will not run windows programs. Wine does not emulate CPU.
> What Sony might have done in PS2 is using parts of Wine that implement DirectX over OpenGL. I don't see any major problems why they can't do that. The only thing is they have to be careful with type conversions on the given platform.
> BTW this is not the first time some one used Wine's d3d over OpenGL implementation. Look at Parallels for Mac OS X.

And most likely won't be the last time either hehe... (VirtualBox is apparently going to use Wine's d3d to do the same too)

Anurag, Wine by itself doesn't emulate CPUs, but the original Darwine project intended to use a combination of QEMU and Wine to accomplish this... so you could say it's technically possible, only that not with Wine alone

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