[Wine] Re: Recognising an unrecognisable scanner

Jim wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 10 18:32:14 CDT 2008

nwcstledrinkr wrote:
> I have to figure out how to use a scanner that sane doesn't officially recognise.  Wine installed the twain software with no problems, and the apps come up just fine.
> The scanner drivers should be installed in wine, but I'm having some serious issues getting linux to recognise that there's a device connected.
> Is there any way to tell wine to see the device?  If not, how would I pass through the device info so that the apps can see that the scanner is connected?
> Thanks.

Wine provides its own implementation of TWAIN which uses SANE drivers as a backend and translates TWAIN API calls into SAIN API calls.  It would seem that to get your scanner working under Wine you need to first get it working under your native operating system (eg under Linux) first.


I don't know that it is possible to use native win32 versions of TWAIN.  I also don't know how functional (or complete) Wine's scanner support is.

Your best bet may be to get it working under Linux.  Just offering up my best guess.

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