[Wine] Re: autocad 2008 and wine rc 4

epsilon_da wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 10 20:10:22 CDT 2008

This is offtopic, dont read it.   ;)

miciomax wrote:
> epsilon_da wrote:
> > Sorry, i would like to test it but it seems like wine support for ubuntu 7.10 as been drooped.
> > It seems like M$ Windows, when a new version is released, all support for the olders is ended.
> > 
> Why do you say that ??? I'm using 8.04 just because I want to stay updated, but wine on previous version IS supported !
> BTW, to install Autocad, you *must* build wine from sources, so.... I can't see the problem.

Look here:

There is no support for ubuntu 7.10, nor for AMD64.
The wine version in ubuntu repositories is increible old, so there isnt support of ubuntu for wine eider. To install any current app i have to add tons of external repositories, that doesnt happens with debian or gentoo.
I wont install ubuntu 8.04, it requires to download 1Gb or reinstall from scratch, if i do that, i wont ever install ubuntu again, i havent had that much of problems in any other distro. AND too much people have been get in troubles by updating to 8.04 and a simple update shouldnt be that hard, at least, it isnt in gentoo.


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