[Wine] Re: Band in a Box 2008 with Ubuntu through wine?

Bear wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 10 21:30:16 CDT 2008

Well, after muck hassle, Band in a Box 2008 is up and working under Wine is Ubuntu. Thank you to everybody who helped with thisl I have one more problem to overcome and it is the following:-

automatic load sf2 at startup

I am using Band in a Box 2008 through wine and wondered how I can load a sound font into the Audigy2 soundcard I have at startup through some kind of automated script. In the terminal window I cd to the Desktop (this is where the soundfont is) and execute the command "sfxload CT2MGM.SF2"
Band in a Box then plays through the sound card using the loaded sound font. Can this process be automated at startup through any kind of script at startup? If so can anyone tell me how to accomplish this?

Many thanks in anticipation!

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