[Wine] Re: wineasio 0.7.4

ethanay wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 11 04:42:49 CDT 2008


I would like to report that WineASIO 0.7.4 compiles and runs well under 64studio on my Dell XPS m1330.  I use it to run Pianoteq.  

On my integrated Intel HDA 2.0 card:  If I don't have jack tweaked just right, it will degenerate into "pops and clicks" but seems stable if jack is given a little more "headroom" (higher latency) to work with.

However, it completely crashes JACK when trying to use FFADO (2.0 beta6) as the driver.  Card is an Echo AudioFire2.

jackd is compiled from svn to work with ffado.  I will gather more info and post soon.

Would really like to get Pianoteq standalone (not the VST) working through WineASIO and FFADO...!

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