[Wine] Which Wine Download?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Thu Jun 12 23:05:12 CDT 2008

As I replied only to Michael:

MikesMassiveMess run by Micheal Kronenberg has 1.0rc4 for both Tiger and 
Leopard up for download and should work with .NET.  I have this 'on my 
plate' for this weekend and will see what happens with a fresh .wine.  
That and building a 160MB hard drive up for Linux (F8) on a Thinkpad 
A22p (this is for Wine testing folks.)

Next week should prove interesting for Wine.

James McKenzie

Michael Reich wrote:
> Zac:
> I don't know about Steve, but since I haven't found a version newer 
> than 0.9.53 for the Tiger (Mac OSX) platform, I'd be interested in a 
> how-to on compiling a newer version....  :-)
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>> If this is what you're interested in, I would be willing to detail 
>> that process by installing and building wine myself and then writing 
>> a howto for it.
>> Let me know if that suits you better and I'll work on that later today.
>> -Zac
>> stevecarter wrote:
>>> > Zac Brown wrote:
>>>> >> In this case, to play it safe, it looks like PCLinuxOS has their 
>>>> own version of >> wine built and ready. It won't be the most recent 
>>>> version but it'll be a working >> version of wine that you can 
>>>> install with minimal friction.
>>> > > > Zac,
>>> > > Yes indeed. Their version is 0.9.58 and, as far as I can tell, 
>>> there is no support for Windows programs that need .NET framework 
>>> present.
>>> > > This was the (unstated) reason behind my original request.
>>> > > Hey, ho - you can't win 'em all!     8) > > Peace and all good.
>>> > > Stephen Carter

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