[Wine] Re: Wine 1.0 release date to clash with Firefox 3

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 13 17:50:19 CDT 2008

Note June 17 is the targeted release date.   Depending on what happens Wine 1.0 could be release before or after that.

This year is Wine 15th anniversary some time.   Yes no one is exactly sure when 15 years ago wine was started.  All we know for sure it was 15 years ago.   So 1.0 is kinda due/overdue.

Also we here at Wine really don't see 1.0 as really a major change.

Only major change it that its had a lot of old bugs fixed.  There are still missing features still other problems.  So if it don't get great media coverage so be it.   People will come here looking to get windows application to run so we really don't need to advertise.

Also note 17 is the source release.   Most platforms that wine has builders for will have package ready for the 20 of june.   It is not on conflict with Firefox really.  Its good that Firefox is then it should stop people coming for binary packages before they are ready.

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