[Wine] having trouble running Kingpin (quake2 engine) [grey screen]

venom4911 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 13 23:11:23 CDT 2008

when i try to load it with wine all i get is a grey screen and nothing happens...have to control alt del and log out of ubuntu to be able to do anything...sometimes it will even lock up the entire pc and i have to manually reset it...most of the time its just a grey screen though

ive tried disabling compiz, reinstalling nvidia drivers, different wine compatibility modes/graphics tab settings and none made any difference...

im running ubuntu 8.04 and have a nv 6800gt (169.12 drivers)...running wine 1.0rc5

all linux games/3d apps run great; mupen64, sauerbraten, world of padman, tremulous, planeshift...all work fine

so any ideas? im sorta new to linux and dunno what else to try...something to do with opengl maybe?

oh and i also tried that kingpin linux installer but couldnt get the game running....kept giving me some kingpin path error when id try to load it so i figured i would try it out with wine...

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