[Wine] Re: application wont uninstall

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 14 10:59:38 CDT 2008

delta9 wrote:
> Im trying to uninstall it with wine but when i run the game's uninstaller or if i try to uninstall it with wine uninstaller(from konsole i type $uninstaller) i get this error dialog box
> Thnx a lot in advance

Bugs related to uninstalling programs on Wine are the really low priority. You can easily and cleanly remove all the installed programs under Wine by removing ~/.wine directory. This of course does not uninstall Wine itself from your system.

The only side affect - this will remove ALL programs. If you like to keep some of them around - use separate WINEPREFIX (that ~/.wine dir) for each program.

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