[Wine] Wine ODBC and unixODBC

mkelliott21 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 15 08:07:41 CDT 2008


I have been ask to work on a project at work, that entails putting data inside a Microsoft Access database.  Most of this work is being done at home, so I am setting up my system to be able to use Access through Wine.

I have successfully installed Windows XP Office(thanks CodeWeavers, you guys are the greatest...  yes it is the LinuxDemo, saving my pennies to buy the licenses javascript:emoticon(':)') ), but I just need to know if I am thinking wrong.

I have unixODBC working with a Oracle XE database in Linux.  I just want to make sure that I understand that I can set a DSN in unixODBC and it will read the Access database.  Can I use the drivers in Wine(Microsoft Access (*.mdb) drivers just like I could if I was in a "real" Windows enviroment.

I would much rather use OpenOffice to develop and test (from Linux), and just have the Access database show up as a datasource in OpenOffice.

This can be done can't it???

The problem I am having is the Wine drivers showing up in unixODBC.... ???

I would love to get rid of Windows all together, but where I work, the "higher-ups" in IT look down on me cause I use Linux.  They have made so many rules that make it almost impossible to do anything unless it is Microsoft stuff.  (the irony: very soon they are moving to Oracle database,,,,, but they want this to be a Access database even though they are taking Access away from us next year)

I am using:
 openSuse 10.3
CodeWeavers Linux Standard (Demo) version 6.2.0
unixODBC 2.2.12

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