[Wine] New AppDB - I am the only one to hate it?

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Sun Jun 15 08:19:29 CDT 2008

På Søndag 15 juni 2008 , 13:18:51 skrev Timeout:
> I need some search by name or search by company name.
> At present I have to search Google to get to the application because I am
> not even sure in which category it had been put. In the past I used to
> browse all categories and since it was alphabetical, I would find it (after
> some time). The field of Google search is of any help if you are sure to
> name the software exactly how it had been named, any misspelling or wrongly
> placed space and you get either no results or not appropriate.
> Maybe I will not exactly know the full name, but for instance I would know
> it starts with a "A".
> Once I found a dictionary (http://atilf.atilf.fr/ in French) that was well
> structured. You were first seeking for the first letter (let say A), then
> the software was proposing you all possible words starting with Ax (where x
> was any possible combination of the 2 first letters of a word). Letter for
> letter you were going down the tree of all possibilities. Of course if you
> knew the name, you could type it directly and if you found nothing you
> could check for misspellings.

Yes, that dictionary was quite well structured.  How about adding the 
following fields

- Starts with
  You could enter 'A' and get all apps starting with A, or, say,
  'Command & Conquer' to get all Command & Conquer games.

- Contains
  Any part of the name.  Entering 'office' would for instance match Microsoft
  Office and OpenOffice amongst others. I'm not sure if it's best to treat   
  spaces as litteral spaces or wildcards.  What do you think?

Browsing by developer is possible, but the link is incorrectly 
called 'Vendors'.  We will try to change the use of 'vendor' throughout the 

Would any of these changes help?  Is there anything else that would be useful?

> The case it is at the moment, to find it, you already have to know what had
> been entered for it.

Alexander N. Sørnes

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