[Wine] Re: Which Wine Download?

Island wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 15 13:47:48 CDT 2008

Zac, thanks for your guidance.  I tried a couple of times to compile & install on Debian Etch.  I tried (more or less) following Dan Kegel's 'dapper script', and your PCLinuxOS script, reaching 'Permission denied' using either approach.  I also tried following the instructions in the 'readme' file in rc5, and hit the same result.

Just after you posted your suggestions, rc5 was released and so I decided to try to follow your advice, but with the rc5 release.  Downloaded the rc5.bz2 to a drive with plenty of room, /mnt/hda3, unpacked it into '/wine-1.0.rc5' (I used this as a sub for the 'cur_wine' value in your script).  I commented out some of your script, and adapted the second part, starting at the 'cd cur_wine' line, and saved it as 'islandwinebuild'.  Here's the output:

island at islandinthesun:/mnt/hda3$ sh islandwinebuild.sh
islandwinebuild.sh: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
make: *** No rule to make target `depend'.  Stop.
make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.
Done installing, wine is now located in ${INSTALL_PATH}.

The permissions on all the directories and files on /mnt/hda3 are rwx,rwx,rwx, fully recursively, though I notice that the non-executable files like text docs are only rw-,rw-,rw-.  I used KDE's Konqueror to set these permissions, so perhaps it decides whether some things are executable or not.

Eager for a really difficult time, I looked at the readme in rc5!  Very easy read, in fact, and makes compiling sound simple.  So gave it a try.  It advises running ./tools/wineinstall,  Here's the output:

island at islandinthesun:/mnt/hda3$ cd wine-1.0-rc5
island at islandinthesun:/mnt/hda3/wine-1.0-rc5$ ./tools/wineinstall
bash: ./tools/wineinstall: /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission denied
island at islandinthesun:/mnt/hda3/wine-1.0-rc5$

Having realised that the readme is not at all ferocious, I plucked up the courage to read further.  It says:

"Run programs as "wine program".  For more information and problem
resolution, read the rest of this file, the Wine man page, and
especially the wealth of information found at http://www.winehq.org."

I did read the rest of the file, but it didn't seem to help with the permission denied thing.  I wondered if the comment meant that, to avoid 'permission denied' problems, I had to log on as 'wine program' before I could run the ./tools/wineinstall or the ./configure lines etc in your script.  At the moment there is only 'root' and 'island' as users on this machine.

Nevertheless, I've learnt a lot, and certainly feel confident about having a another go at compiling.  Much thanks to you, though, because your script sets out the basic sequence we have to go through, and the readme adds useful details.

regards, Island

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