[Wine] Re: ?? Issues with playing WoW on Ubuntu 8.40 ??

Jim wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 16 09:59:27 CDT 2008

smwoodruff0908 wrote:
> Well I have installed Ubuntu 8.40, Wine 9.59, and World of Warcraft, and it took me some time to get it working, but I finally did. Now, however, I'm having several problems with the way it runs. 
> Namely: 
> -the mouse is very slow and skippy at moving when in WoW
> -lots of objects in the game fail to render (the ground usually doesn't render either)
> -my FPS in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around, and standing still is about 12fps with every option turned all they way down, and with the screen resoloution all the way down (it gets a lot worse during gameplay).

Did you try the registry tweak?


Also make sure your GL is hardware accelerated and working correctly with your video card.


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