[Wine] Guild Wars unplayable with wine 1.0rc5

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 05:07:46 CDT 2008

2008/6/18 Jochen <blackdrag at gmx.org>:
>> Tell them that you would like native support for their game under Linux.
> I guess you don't see this small circle here... I mean that one:
> Linux is not recognize as a platform for games, because gamers do not use
> Linux for games. Gamers do not use Linux for games, because there are not
> many games.. especially cool ones. They are not many such games for Linux,
> because nobody writes them for Linux. And finally nobody writes them for
> Linux, because Linux is no gaming platform.
> (I am using Linux here not as GNU Linux the kernel, but as a complete
> system)

I do recognize the small circle. That is why I write to the game
distributors and tell them that there _is_ demand for their products
on Linux. I am trying to break that circle.

> Also very often you get a cheap game from somewhere and of course it is not
> the linux version then. I have never seen any linux version, not even
> together with a windows version, for sale in any store. But I did see Mac
> versions of games together with their windows versions being sold. I won't
> say that writing to the developers about doing a linux version of a game
> won't help, but I don't see that as an answer to someone asking how to get a
> certain game running.
> Also I don't think fireaxis will spend developers on a version that is over
> 2 years old already and while they work on their next version
> http://www.firaxis.com/games/game_detail.php?gameid=21

I do not want to see the 2 year old version ported to Linux. I want to
see the next version support Linux natively. Write to them and let
them know that you would love to buy their game, so please write it
for your OS.

Dotan Cohen


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