[Wine] Printing /MYOB

Russell Butler russell at rj-il-butler.com
Thu Jun 19 00:56:38 CDT 2008

yonnie wrote:
> Several months ago, I installed MYOB and everything seemed to be
> working.  Using F8 kde.
> Now I'm getting similar results as the above complaints.  I think
> this may have happened after the updater installed updates.  Various
> tabs don't work in the MYOB  and it's printing blank pages for
> receipts and invoices.  Other printing from Myob seems to be ok.
> Using HP network printer and cups.  Part of the problem is the MYOB
> printing setup won't allow me to choose print to plain paper, it
> wants to print to a myob form.
> Other issues too!  Wine uninstaller won't uninstall programs.
> removing the .wine directory doesn't seem to remove the software info
> from the file manager.  Removing Wine with the add/remove software
> function, still leaves Wine in the file manager including the removed
> apps.  Then using Synaptic or Yumex causes a failure during package
> reinstall.
> We'd like to have our MYOB back, actually it's a little more urgent
> than that.  Any idea as to when there might be a repair?
HI yonnie

That's very interesting. Do you know what version of wine worked? I just 
started trying on the 1.0-rc series, so I would be willing to go back 
and try an earlier version if you could give me an idea about which one 
functioned. At present I have it running in a vmware installation, but 
would like to recover the space that requires.



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