[Wine] No Mixers, Gentoo, Creative X-Fi, Wine 1.0

Jason Weisberger jbdubbs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 07:40:31 CDT 2008

Wine List,

Just looking for ideas, here's my system configuration:

Gentoo Linux 2.4.24
ALSA built as modules
Creative Labs X-Fi 1.18 Driver with a few modifications per

Game I'm trying to get sound working on is WoW 2.4

winecfg shows no OSS or ALSA mixers, and none show up in the game either.

Now I know, the first thing you're about to tell me is that the X-Fi drivers
are junk.  What I'm trying to understand is why every other sound program on
the system works well with it, but Wine won't recognize it at all.  Maybe a
clue is that the X-Fi driver doesn't provide the legacy OSS interface?

You tell me...

Jason Weisberger
jbdubbs at gmail.com
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