[Wine] Re: Printing /MYOB

yonnie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 19 12:01:46 CDT 2008

I removed wine and then had a battle with re-installing.  Finally had to login as root to do so.  After wine re-install, menu's showed former programs still present, but are inoperable.   Re-intalled MYOB still has same issues, spent most of last night trying to get the latest updates installed for wine and f8.  Still no improvement.  Then read about using spacebar after mouse selection.  That only works for some tabs, not all.  Still can't select for Myob to use plain paper instead of pre-printed forms, and I just get blank pages when trying to print invoices.  I'm using myob plus 11, it's old and since the manual doesn't mention xp, I'm guessing it was pre-xp so using wine setting for 98 (xp setting didn't make any difference).  Since the MYOB was a pita back when we first bought it and running real 98, we've never wanted to upgrade it.  We're waiting for a good accounting program for Linux since we will never go back to windows.  Meanwhile, we'd sure like to get it working with wine.

If it would help, we could send in a copy of it, that's if the cd will copy.

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